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Interior 'R' Us

The Main Company

Since our inception in 2006, Interior ‘R’ us has been in the business of designing, installing and maintaining Interior and exterior works. Whether homes both modern and traditional, show houses and apartments or corporate premises and reception halls, Interior ‘R’ us comprehensive consultancy work includes the details for interior construction, including partition, ceiling, flooring, furniture layout & lighting. We also provide finish selection and color schemes with respect to furniture, sofa sets, fabrics, window treatments, flooring, artwork, and lighting. We can undertake any type of jobs to give value addition to the Client needs. As a result of our commitment, quality of service and timely delivery, Interior ‘R’ us has emerged as one of the pioneers in its field, Timely, high quality and reliable service is our motto.
We offer competitive pricing, a high level of service with the support of experienced staff and work force, Innovative designs and a commitment to customer satisfaction.
For more details on interior works please visit our website or contact our sales team @ +91 966 321 1618

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